Amazon Prime Now Ops

Amazon is consistently changing the game. From Prime guaranteed two day shipping to same day shipping. I build the operation tools that make it possible to bring you speedy delivery.

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The process of cultivating delicious wine and bringing it to the public is not trivial. It is Vinosmith's mission to make distribution of wine as simple as possible. We want to revolutionize the wine industry.

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Butter Homes

Everyone doesn't have access to a grounds keeper, this is where Butter steps in. It was our goal to bring the world an easier way to maintain their house. For about a couple years Butter dove deep into the world of home ownership. Unfortunately, the days are now numbered.


Compass brings actionable analytics and benchmarks to a company in minutes. It builds comprehensive dashboard for users, which comprises of revenue breakdowns, traffics sources, and business comparisons. It is a titan of the reporting market in Shopify and BigCommerce.

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Side Projects

Programming isn't just a livelihood for me. It is a way to expand and connect with the world around me. It even allows me to explore my artistic side, figuring out creative ways to integrate new technology into my life. Here are some of my favorite side projects.

Home Automation

Using a Raspberry Pi I have created a home automation kit, which I currently use to operate my room. I also use it to automate a garden.


Amazon Echo Skill: Reddit

A skill written for the Amazon Echo. It parses the inputted sub, and reads back results to the user.


Rainmeter FitBit extension

Rainmeter is a live desktop application for Windows. FitNaps is an extension to display a users FitBit data.


Smartipants Game

An N-Back game designed to increase memory. Users are able to play a 'simon' like game and keep track of their progress.


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